Utility model

Utility Models

Utility Model is also called short-term patents, petty patents, minor inventions or innovation patents. A minor invention that possesses novelty and industrial applicability shall give rise to a right to protection in favor of the author there of.

The right shall be evidenced by a utility model certificate issued by the Commission. The grant of the certificate shall confer the exclusion right to exploit the minor invention and prevent third parties from exploiting the minor invention without the authorization of the certificate.


Things not protected by Utility Model

Changes in the shape, proportions or material of a patented object or of one that is public property, except where such a change alters the qualities or functions or the object thereby producing an improvement in its use or the effects of its intended functions;

The mere replacement of elements in a known combinations by other known elements having an equivalent function, which does not thereby produce an improvement in its use or the effect of its intended functions; or Minor inventions are contrary to public order or morality.


Duration of Utility Model Certificate

A utility model certificate is granted for a period of five years, which may be renewed for a further five years period provided that proof is furnished that the minor invention is being worked in Ethiopia.


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