Training of Trainers of the National IP Academy

The final and fourth round Training of Trainers Program of the National Intellectual Property Academy of Ethiopia organized by WIPO and EIPA carried out from Oct 02-06, 2023 at Addis Ababa. A group of national professionals who were selected from EIPA experts, Universities, agents and will become trainers attended the session.

While opening the program, Mr. Endalew Mosisa, Deputy Director General, said that the establishment of the IP Academy will serve as a hub of excellence, fostering a community of trainers who will play a pivotal role in raising awareness, promoting understanding and developing expertise in IP. Through the academy we can empower individuals to become advocates for innovation, ensuring that ideas, inventions, and creations are protected and appropriately rewarded, he added.

Mr. Biruk Haile Gereyo, Project Consultant of the National Intellectual Property Academy of Ethiopia, recalled that three training of trainers Programs with variety contents on IP knowledge and skills were delivered for the same group by the joint facilitation of WIPO and EIPO so far and this final session concludes the training phase.

The training focused on Advanced Teaching Methodologies and provided with practical engagement of participants in a hybrid of in person and virtual participation; aims to provide the designated trainers of the national IP training center with the necessary knowledge and skills to train targeted audiences. Ms. May Hassan, IP Consultant and Trainer of the National IP Academy (NIPA) of Egypt and Mr. Boru Shana Gufu, Master Instructional System Designer gave the training.

In the closing session, Mr. Woldu Yemssel, the Director General of EIPA said that, relying on Knowledge based economy and uplifting technological capacity requires effective and efficient Intellectual property system employment. Ethiopia has potential assets of Intellectual property on Geographical Indications products and others. In order to effectively employ IP in a way it facilitates development, enhancing the sector is very important. Such training and capacity building play a great role to increase the number of IP professionals and capacity of promoting IP and implement the system, he emphasized. He also thanks WIPO for its project to provide the training.

Project Specialist at WIPO Academy, Mariia Bychkovska, said in the four consecutive training of trainers of IP, important topics of IP were presented with the collaboration of WIPO and EIPA. The support of WIPO will continue, she added.

One of trainees said IP impacts every sector of development and contribute significant role in inspiring economic activities. Capacity building with providing such professional training helps to fill knowledge and skill gaps in the sector. In this regard, WIPO’s support is highly appreciable.

After the attending of this final training program, the participants will be certified.

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