Registration procedure

Preconditions for Registration

  1. Filling application form
  2. Swearing an affidavit
  3. Providing the sample of the work (on a CD, Tape, etc)
  4. Evidence of payment of service fee
  5. The original work and related documents such as identification card,
  6. The original work related documents such as I’D card, relevant evidences of assignments etc


Registration of works Entitling Copyright and Neighboring Rights

As copyright is a right issued to the authors of copyrighted works, it is the authors’ responsibility to prevent their works from piracy. However, most authors are rot effectively protecting their economic as well as moral right because of the technological advancements which contribute to copyright infringements.

The office believes that issuing certificate to Copyrighted works will alleviate infringement against copyright industry. In accordance with the council of Ministers Regulation No 305/2014 to provide for the Registration of works Entitling copyright and Neighboring Rights, the office has been registering such works since the introduction of regulation to the public.

Registration of works entitling Copyright and Neighboring Rights is exercised up on the request of the right owner. Registration, however, is not a precondition to get copyright protection.


Certificate of works Entitling Copyright and Neighboring Rights

As clearly stated in the constitution of Federal democratic Republic of Ethiopia under article 77, it is the power of the council of Ministers to provide protection for copyrights. Hence, the certificate issued by the office shall serve as a prima facie evidence of ownership before the law. It shall also play a major role in protecting copyright and neighboring rights. The certificate shall be valid for five years from the date of its issuance. It is issued based on the affidavit of the applicant without any substantive examination. However, the applicant shall be criminally liable for a fraud committed if the affidavit given is untrue.   


Classification of Works Entitling Copyright and Neighboring Rights

     Works entitling copyright and neighboring rights may be registered in accordance with the following classifications:

  1. Literary or oral works
  2. Artistic works such as stage, Music and Audio-visual works
  3. Visual art such as Photographs, Drawings, Graphics and work of Architecture
  4. Computer programs
  5. Sound recordings
  6. Broadcasts.

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