Patent of introduction

Patent of Introduction

A Patent of introduction may be issued to an invention which has been patented abroad and not expired but has not been patented in Ethiopia following a declaration by the interested party for which he takes full responsibility. This is the method practiced exclusively in Ethiopia to enhance the adoption, utilizing, improvement & growth of technology in the country.


Requirements and Conditions for a Patent of Introduction

  • The requirements and conditions for a patent of introduction shall be the same as those prescribed for a patent of invention and shall be subject to the same formalities.
  • In addition to the above requirements, an applicant for a patent of introduction shall indicate on the application number, date and origin of the foreign patent or the requisite source of information if he does not know the details.


Duration of Patent of Introduction

A patent of introduction may be valid for a period that may extend up to ten years and shall be coupled with the owner’s obligation to prove the working of the invention each year from the third year after it has been granted and to pay the relevant annual fees.


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