About us


Create conducive environment for intellectual property system to uplift local creativity, innovation, technology transfer and job creation so as to support the structural transition of the country


Ensure the country’s prosperity by inspiring creativity and innovation; converting creative ideas in to values and become an exemplary IP office in Africa in 2032.


  • Transform for change

  • Do not compromise quality

  • Strive for the development of creativity and innovation

  • Work ethic and diligence

  • Serve with professional excellence

 Objective the Office

     The Office shall have the following major objectives

  1. To facilitate the prevention of adequate legal protection for and exploitation of Intellectual Property in the country;
  2. To collect, organize and disseminate technological information contained in patent documents and encourage its utilization;
  3. To study, analyze and recommend policies and legislations on Intellectual Property to the Government;
  4. To promote  knowledge and understanding of intellectual Property among the general public.

Department Phone Email
Trademark +251 115 586393 trademark@eipa.gov.et
Patent +251 115 527454 patent@eipa.gov.et
Copyright +251 115 586386 copyright@eipa.gov.et


Email : info@eipa.gov.et

+251 115 52 80 00
+251 115 52 72 02
FAX :-  +251 115 52 92 99